Additional Support

365bet官网 aspires to meet the needs of all its students. Both the Preparatory and Senior Schools have a limited number of places available for students with Additional Support Needs (ASN) whose individual requirements can be met in a mainstream setting, through provision of a differentiated curriculum. The number of places is determined by the level of student need within the ASN programme at the time.

All prospective students are assessed to ensure they meet the curriculum requirements. We accept a wide range of abilities in younger years, with admission becoming more selective the higher up the school an application is made.

Parents of students receiving ASN support are required to work closely with the SEN team who may decide your child needs the support of outside experts who work with the School, including speech therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists.

The school also focuses on those students whose ability significantly exceeds that of their peers. These students form part of our ‘Further Challenge' provision which supports students who excel in particular areas.

Learning support offered at 365bet官网 Kowloon Bay campus.